Entry #4


2012-10-03 22:39:42 by b0mbsqu4d

Well, it's about the time of year when I get out of hibernation. That's right now, so here I am! I've gotten back into tracking and stuff with OpenMPT, which, by the way, I just adore with all my heart, and I'm really thinking I'm getting better. I stopped posting stuff here because I started getting lazy with my songs and I didn't want to make everyone mad.

Anyway, I managed to get a few - and I mean that in the literal, "three" sense - songs that, while experimental, turned out fairly well. At the time of this posting, there should be the new songs "Welcome to the Island" "Blue Pixels" and "Where's the Idol?"

Please, rate, review, and whatever it is you NG users do these days. Until next time, adieu.


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